6 Ways to Maximize Your Nike Employee Benefits

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Webinar Host Jake Withnell, CFP®

Jake Withnell is a financial advisor at JGP Wealth Management, an independent, fee-based financial advisory firm in Portland, Oregon. Jake is known for going the extra mile for his clients and for his passion for working tirelessly to help his clients find solutions to their financial concerns so they can confidently live out the life they want. He prioritizes listening and understanding as the foundation of his relationships with his clients, and his highest hope is that they can spend more of their time and energy on their passions knowing he is watching over their financial future. Jake specializes in serving business owners, Nike executives, and retirees, and plays a key role in JGP’s portfolio management process, building and analyzing financial models, and conducting client cash flow analyses. To learn more about Jake, connect with him on LinkedIn.


Please join us for an exclusive webinar on how to maximize your Nike employee benefits. In this timely webinar, we’ll explain:

  • 6 strategies Nike managers, executives, and presidents can use to optimize benefits and prepare for retirement
  • How to execute these strategies
  • Upcoming deadlines for Nike benefit decisions
  • How to evaluate your options and choose the best ones for your situation

Stay tuned until the end to get your free one-on-one consultation!

Email jwithnell@jgpwealth.com with questions.